Top 10 Best Kitchen Weighing Scales In INDIA

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Best Kitchen Weight Scale in India: We are pretty sure that all of you must have faced a situation once in your life where you had to check the weight of a food item, but you could not do it at that time. This is a problem of many faces. While making a recipe we have to put a certain quantity of ingredients and we need a weighing machine to measure that quantity. This is where the concept of the kitchen waiting machine came to the fore. Kitchen weighing machines are very helpful when you are making a recipe and you have to use a certain amount of food. With the help of a weighing machine, you can easily weigh the quantity of any food item and use it accordingly.

It is also very helpful for those who are diet conscious. People who are willing to maintain their body and need a fixed intake at regular intervals can take the help of a weighing machine. These people need to have a very definite quantity of food items and thus can easily weigh the quantity.

One thing to keep in mind is that the kitchen weighing machine should be such that it shows accurate results and hence it is advised that you use a digital weighing machine for your kitchen. So here we present the top 10 best kitchen weighing machines. But wait, before you check out the best kitchen weighing machine in India, you should first know what you should be looking for in a good weighing machine.

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1 Health Sense Chief-Mate-KS33 Digital Kitchen Scale

If you’re looking for an elegant, non-flashy kitchen scale that can help you measure your kitchen ingredients accurately, then you need to check out this product. It comes in clean white color and looks quite pleasant. It also comes with a handy unit button that switches between displaying the weight in different unit measurements.

The digital kitchen scale comes with a unit button to display weight in different units
It has a big round washable effort for your daily cleaning routine

what did we like

It comes with a precision tare button that can provide you with the exact weight of different ingredients in a single container
Wide LCD screen for easy-to-read displays
It is easy to clean and store
It’s easy to use even with a splash-proof design

what we didn’t like

It’s not showing the exact weight more than a little heavy


2 Bulfyss Electronic Kitchen Digital Weighing Scale 

If you’re looking for an elegant, non-flashy kitchen scale that can help you measure your kitchen ingredients accurately, then you need to check out this product. It comes in clean white color and looks quite pleasant. It also comes with a handy unit button that switches between displaying the weight in different unit measurements.

The digital kitchen scale comes with a unit button to display weight in different units
It has a big round washable effort for your daily cleaning routine

what did we like

It comes with a precision tare button that can provide you with the exact weight of different ingredients in a single container
Wide LCD screen for easy-to-read displays
It is easily cleaned and stored
It’s easy to use even with a splash-proof design

what we didn’t like

It is not showing the exact weight more than a little heavy

Generic Electronic Kitchen Digital Weighing Scale

Generic Electronic Kitchen Digital Weighing Scale

This digital scale is a multifunctional one, which is lightweight, compact, and easy to use. It only weighs 0.35 grams, but what makes this digital scale really different from others has more to do with its unique sleek design. It is definitely easy on the eyes. As mentioned earlier, this digital scale is multifunctional, displaying measurements in various units with the help of a crystal clear backlit LCD interface.

This scale is CE, RoHS certified
It scales ingredients effectively without any container
It comes in a beautiful white color, with a splash-proof design

what did we like

The fact that this digital scale comes with easy-to-use functionality
The fact that it is easy to customize and you can change it to display weight in specified units of measurement
It Comes With Precise Tare Functionality

what we don’t like

10g. The scale jumps a bit when measuring anything less than

4 Simxen Electronic Digital Food Weighing Scale

Simxen Electronic Digital 10 Kg Weight Scale Kitchen Weight Scale

If you want a minimalist digital scale without any frills but with multi-functionality, you definitely have to check it out. It’s made entirely with stainless steel and is durable, not to mention multifunctional. It comes with a sleek look and looks more like a frying pan than an actual scale. This is a stainless steel digital scale that accurately displays weight with the help of its crystal clear LCD display and includes a battery.

It has a compact design and comes with a weight plate
It is easy to use, so much so that even a novice can use it easily

what did we like

It comes with sophisticated sensing technology
It also comes with automatic tare functionality
It is BPA free and comes with two AA batteries to operate the scale

what we didn’t like

It is not capable of heavyweight this scale has a capacity of only 7 kg.

5 HealthSense Chef-Mate Food Weighing Scale

HealthSense Chef-Mate KS40 Digital Kitchen Food Weighing Scale

This digital scale is very basic and yet, it still manages to stand out with its multi-functionality as well as ease of use. Its weight varies from 1 gram to 50000 grams. So you can use this scale to easily weigh and measure multiple materials accurately. But the neat thing is that this digital scale also comes with a calorie-counting guide, with which you can streamline your current diet and eat accurately measured portions, too.

It comes in ultra-bright colors
It also comes with an auto shut off so you can save power
The scale requires a CR2 battery to operate efficiently and also comes with a calorie guide that you can use with your scale.

what did we like

It comes with precise tare functionality
It is easy to use
It can be well maintained with little effort.

what we didn’t like

While the scale is perfect for measuring small materials, it isn’t exactly accurate for heavy objects.

6. QERINKLE Digital Kitchen Weighing Machine

QERINKLE® Digital Kitchen Weighing Machine Multipurpose Electronic Weight Scale

If you’re looking for a particular baking scale, this is the one you need to check out. This is a kitchen scale, but one that has been specially customized to measure your baking ingredients down to the last gram. It comes with a measuring capacity of 5000 grams and also gives you the option of measuring it in other units like lbs, lbs/oz, oz and kg. It also comes with an easy-to-clean weighing platform.

The scale is multifunctional and easy to use
The scale automatically turns off when it’s not in use
It also comes with a bright, backlit display that helps to display the weight prominently

what did we like

Easy to customize, switching between different weighing modes
It conveniently weighs all ingredients down to the nearest gram
It displays the weight in different units of weight

what we didn’t like

Display illumination is too low Sometimes the exact weight is not displayed properly.

7 Dr. Trust Digital Electronic Kitchen Scale

The Dr Trust Digital Scale is remarkably accurate in that it can measure from a minimum of 1g, 0.1oz to a maximum precision of 10000g. This precise scale comes with a slim design that just suits the hype. It comes with a stainless steel weighing platform and packs in all the advanced functionality you’ll need when measuring your various ingredients.

It comes with an 11 lb capacity and is also extremely light and weighs only 2.3 lbs
it is remarkably accurate
It comes with an innovative design where the display pulls away from the base so that there is no shadow

what did we like

It is multifunctional and allows you to weigh ingredients in different units of weight
The weighing platform is removable and can be easily washed and cleaned
10000g weight capacity makes it possible for you to measure most ingredients with precision
This power comes with 1.5 V X 2 AA batteries

what we didn’t like

There is a slight time lag between when the product is added to the scale and when the scale actually displays the corresponding weight.

8 HESLEY Digital Kitchen Scale 5kgs with Stainless Steel Platform

HESLEY HSK1 Digital Kitchen Scale

Think minimalist and you will have this scale; It’s as sleek as it gets with carbon black exteriors and a backlit LCD display with measurements displayed along with the counter. The best part about this product is that it comes with a ninety-day warranty and is one of the few benchmarks to do so. It is multifunctional and you can use it for anything from cooking food to making your showpiece dishes. It comes with a stain-resistant glass platform that can be cleaned easily and in addition, it comes with a guide on calories and teaches you how to count it.

It comes with 5 unit conversion facility
It’s highly accurate and weighs in at 11lb or 5kg. comes with the ability
It is much lighter and more stylish looking

what did we like

It comes with Accurate Tare functionality where the scale displays the actual weight of the products without the container
It comes with an automatic shut-off and helps in saving power
It comes with 90 days warranty of the product

what we didn’t like

The readings seem a little clunky when measuring a large part of the scale

9 Atom Electronic Kitchen Digital Weighing Scale

Atom A122 Electronic Kitchen Digital Weighing Scale

This handy kitchen digital scale is different for all the right reasons; It comes with four precise weighing sensors and more than that, it displays the nutritional facts as it measures each item. This scale comes with all the advanced functionality you will ever need. It comes with multiple unit options and you can easily measure your ingredients in different units of measurement. In addition, this digital scale also comes with customer support who are ready to help answer any questions you may have on the product. But the icing on the cake is that it’s easy to set up and still easy to use.

It displays the nutritional facts about each item as it measures the same. It currently comes with a database of 290 products linked to nutritional facts
It comes with a tempered glass top and is very easy to clean
The overall design is sleek and aesthetic, beautiful

what did we like

It comes with precise tare functionality
It comes with the multi conversion feature

what we didn’t like

Adapter is not included with the scale

10. Vandelay Kitchen Weighing Scale – Stainless Steel Electronic

This digital food scale comes with a minimalistic look and a futuristic look; As far as looks are concerned, it definitely leaves an impression. It is sleek, responsive, and comes with 1g resolution and 10000grm capacity. What’s more, this digital scale comes with an attractive price tag and should easily help you measure your various ingredients with precision.

It comes with an affordable price tag
It comes with touch-sensitive buttons and is quite easy to use
It also comes with scratch-resistant feet and is quite easy to clean and maintain

what did we like

It comes with zero/tire functionality
You can easily switch between different units of measurement easily
It also comes with real support

what we didn’t like

It comes with a resolution of 1g and not less than

Your Kitchen Scale Buying Guide – Things to Note

When it comes to the best kitchen scales, they’re designed to provide you with an accurate measurement of a variety of ingredients before you can even start scooping out the dish. But not all kitchen scales are the same, which is why it makes sense to review the various factors you need to consider before buying one. You can use the information below to sort the different kitchen scales.

Analog vs. Digital: There are two types of kitchen scales that you can choose from; You can go for the digital version which works on battery. Or you can go for the old-fashioned mechanical version that uses weights to accurately measure your ingredients. Both scales come with an innerspring that displays the weight with the help of a rotating pin. Most models you find today go digital, with some storing similar data and accurately measuring items to the nearest decimal point.

Capacity and Sensitivity: If you plan to measure only a few ingredients at a time before cooking your food, a simple kitchen scale will work. However, if you are operating a large restaurant, it makes sense to go for kitchen scales with better capacity and more sensitivity.

Enhanced Digital Features: Yet another reason you might want to go digital is that some digital kitchen scales come with advanced features as well as some parks where you can change the scale. You can customize your kitchen scale to provide measurements and results in a variety of measurements, from pounds to kilograms. Some even come with a tare function, where the scale only displays the actual weight of the food, without any container. Some other scales come with an integrated Baker’s timer as well as a clock. These are just a few of the reasons why you might want to use the digital version considering some of the best kitchen scales, which are reviewed below.

Benefits of having a kitchen scale

Kitchen weighing scales are great for the fact that they can help you in many ways. They are not only for measuring ingredients for your dishes but there are many other benefits of food kitchen scales that we can apply. If you don’t know how else you can use your food kitchen scale don’t worry and learn about the benefits of having a food kitchen scale below. We’ve tried to cover almost each and every benefit of a food kitchen scale below.

Improve Baking – The first and foremost thing that a kitchen scale is going to help you with is baking. It will be easier for you to measure the ingredients. Now you don’t have to add just 1 tbsp of baking powder. You can add it according to the exact weight and these things have a significant impact on the dish you are baking. You can measure flour with precision and all of these things really help ensure that the food that results from your efforts tastes much better than what it would be without a kitchen scale.

Cooking Made Easy – You can also use a food kitchen scale to measure other ingredients. Now, you don’t just have to keep the ingredients guesswork but you can inspire accuracy in the science of cooking. For example, you are making kebabs and you need 500 grams of chicken to prepare a meal for 3. Now instead of just guessing the exact quantity, you can measure the chicken with the help of a food kitchen scale. This plays an important role when you’re preparing marinades or when you’re measuring spices because an imbalance can make a dish taste bad for everyone.

Quantified Nutrition and Weight Loss – Have you ever heard of quantified nutrition? Do you want to lose weight? Well, earlier the reason why you were not able to lose weight was that you were not following the proper diet chart. To follow a proper diet chart, you need to determine your nutritional intake and watch how much you are eating. The advantage of this is that you will know the exact calorie intake and you will be able to create a calorie deficit for yourself. When you create a deficit for yourself, you will be able to burn the fat stored in your body which will result in weight loss.

Calculate your caloric intake – If you have a habit of eating or eating a lot of snacks during the day then the Food Kitchen scale can help you further. This will help you measure your caloric intake as you can measure the amount of breakfast you are consuming. Now, this is a motivating factor because after measuring caloric intake, many people simply avoid eating snacks or cut back on the number of snacks they eat.

Avoid food waste – Another best thing about owning a food kitchen scale is that you can avoid food waste. If you were trying to tackle the problem of food waste at home then get a food kitchen scale and start measuring the amount of food you are cooking. Keep reducing the quantity until you see that no further food is wasted. Not only will this help you prevent food wastage but it will also help you reduce your budget as the same groceries will last longer for you.

General Measurement of Weight – Another use of a food kitchen scale is that you can measure other things such as a box, parcel, letter, or any other thing. Most of the time you have to go to the post office to do this, but with the help of a food kitchen scale, you no longer have to go to the post office and you will be able to measure the weight of items even at your home. , You can basically measure the weight of non-food items as long as it falls within the certified weight limit of the scale.

Baby Weight – If you have a newborn, you can track the growth of the baby with the help of a food kitchen scale. Baby weight is very low and you can also use a food kitchen scale to measure the weight of the newborn baby. This will save you from having to go to the doctor for a weight check and moreover, it will also help you save money that you would have spent on buying a baby weight scale.

EASY TO CLEAN AND EASY TO CARRY – Another great thing about a food kitchen scale is that it is easy to carry and easy to clean. When you are traveling, you can carry your food kitchen scale in your handbag as the scale is huge. If there is any spill on the weighing scale it is also easy to clean it. You can just use a wet cloth and wipe off the leak from the weighing scale without any problems or damage to the weighing scale.

Inexpensive – Another great thing about a food kitchen scale is that it is quite cheap. You can buy one online at a nominal cost and it will also help you in many ways. There are many cheap yet reliable versions of food kitchen scales available in the market.

These were all the potential benefits of a kitchen weighing scale. We are sure that it has many more benefits and you can make cooking a part of your daily life. It will really help you in increasing your quality of life and most importantly food kitchen scale can also help you in reducing the weight which must have been your goal for since last many years.

Best Kitchen Weighing Scale 2021 in India: Buying Guide

big tray-

Before choosing a weighing machine for your kitchen, be sure to check that the base of the particular weighing machine is large so that large bowls or large foods can be easily placed on it and weighed correctly. Many families buy a machine by looking only at its appearance rather than checking the size of the base.

Weight Capacity of Machine-

The weight capacity of the machine is also a great determining factor when buying one. Generally, the standard weight capacity of kitchen weighing machines is limited to 5 kg but this is often not sufficient. Sometimes there are some foods that can weigh more than 5 kilograms. Therefore, it is recommended that you use a machine that provides a weight capacity of around 10 kg.


Basically, there are two very important functions that you should check in a weighing machine. The first is the tare function which enables you to reset the value to zero to give you the actual weight of the item. With the tare function enabled, the weight of the bowl is kept out and thus the results are more accurate. Another important function is the constant weight function. This helps you get accurate measurements even when the item is in cooking.

unit of measure-

Most weighing machines come with a feature where you can weigh the item into two or more separate units. This is really helpful because while preparing a recipe, you may find items with different units. Therefore, this unit function is really great and you should check the machine whether it has the function of displaying weight in multiple units. This will be a great help especially for those who refer to recipe books as these recipe books can show one unit, eg, kilograms, and the other in pounds.

Fluid measurement function-

This is a rare feature but very useful. If you get this feature in any machine, go for it. Fluid system helps you to weigh the volume of any liquid whose density is more or less equal to the density of water. If this feature is available in any machine, then the cost of that machine will be slightly higher but it will be value for money.


When you go to buy the machine, ask the seller to turn it on, then put some on the tray and check if the display is clearly showing the number. If the display is blurry or dim, avoid buying that machine at any cost. There’s no use buying a machine where you literally have to stare at the display to read the measurement.

Machine Size-

A machine will be useful and stand utility-scale only if it is compact in size. A compact machine would be easy to keep in the kitchen and would also be convenient for the user.


Unlike a normal weighing machine, weighing machines should be waterproof because, during use, liquids can splash onto them and damage the machine’s functioning.

FAQ about kitchen weighing scale

How do I use a kitchen scale?

The kitchen scale is very easy to operate. The user can put a single food item directly into the machine in a limited amount to check the weight. Let’s say, for example, a dozen bananas, three apples, etc.

What is the Capacity of a Kitchen Weighing Scale?

There are many different kitchen weighing scales with a different weight holding capacities. No doubt, a more expensive weighing machine can hold up to 20 kg more weight. On the other hand, a low-budget compact weighing machine is only 5Kgs. can hold weight

Can I put my bowl on a kitchen scale to measure volume?

Yes, there is a Terre function button on the weighing machine. Mentioned below are the steps:-

The user must place the bowl on the weighing scale.
First press the “T” button and place the tray on the scale.
Then press the “T” button again to clear the tray’s weight.
Now keep the ingredients in a bowl to be weighed.

Now you can read the exact scale for foods, whether individual, a dozen, or a mix of ingredients.

How do I clean the kitchen scale?

The large washable tray present in the weighing machines is designed with anti-fingering technology. Thus, it becomes easy for the user to clean it from time to time. You can clean the tray with a wet cloth many times without any hesitation.

My Kitchen Scale Is Not Working, What Do I Do?

The first thing to do is to check if the wire is properly plugged in.
If the plugin is proper and it is still not working then restart the machine.
If that doesn’t help, turn off the machine and plug it out. Wait five minutes, plugin again, and start over.
If that also doesn’t help, call customer care and ask for help.
Do not use on hardware parts as it may void the warranty.
The kitchen scale shows the wrong weight, what to do?

If the kitchen scale shows the wrong weight, restart your machine. If the problem still persists then call customer care for the serviceman. If things don’t work out either way and your product is still under warranty, ask customer service for a replacement or refund.

What units can I measure on a kitchen scale?

Basically, Indian Standard weight is calculated on kilogram which is a common unit for all weighing machines. This also includes that, a high-cost weighing machine provides five multi-units – g, kg, lb, oz, and ml. But there are some machines that offer only four units – g, kg, lb, and oz. However, there are less expensive weighing machines that provide just three-unit readings – kg, gram, and oz.

How accurate are kitchen scales?

Nowadays, in the world of smart technology, companies are making highly accurate sensors for their customers. Almost all kitchen scales in the market provide accurate readings. However, there are some fake products that promise to facilitate accurate readings but fail completely. One needs to be beware of these false products.

Is there a zero function on the kitchen scale?

Yes, weighing machines have a zero function. This is known as the tare function. This means you can place the bowl and keep the machine at zero reading. Sometimes, this function also comes in handy to reset the count if the reading is wrong.

Is there an auto shut-off feature on the kitchen scale?

Yes, the kitchen scale has an auto-shutdown feature to save battery life. However, one should not be mistaken here, assuming that a Wire plugin will also support the auto shutdown. Auto Shut Down feature is available only for battery running and not wire plugging.

How do I store a kitchen scale?

Kitchen weighing machines are light in weight. They are very small and compact. It is very easy for the user to put it inside the cupboard or shelf.

Which scale should I buy? digital or analog?

Both are good but digital scales have already won the race, leaving behind analog scales in today’s market. Digital scale machines are simple, convenient, easy to operate. On the other hand, an analog scale can never give accurate readings down to two decimal units.

Has there been any reading error?

In today’s competitive world, big companies are striving hard to deliver the best products. They manufacture weighing machines in such a way that you can get extremely accurate readings without fail. However, sometimes a machine error can occur due to unusual hardware issues. Hardware or software problems can crop up at any time. It is very natural that electronic parts come without any guarantees.

What is a pocket scale used for?

As the name suggests, ‘pocket scales’ are those that fit easily into your ‘pocket’. It is a small scale used to measure small objects. It is used in schools, jewelers, laboratories, etc.

last word

With this, we have come to an end with the top 10 best kitchen weighing machines in India. The ranking is done according to the product specifications used, user reviews, and durability. We hope you found the list and guide useful and we are sure it will help you buy the right weighing machine for your kitchen. Thanks for reading!!

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